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Law Talks/Interviews/Articles

Mark Warby QC - Press Regulation

Lord Neuberger - Judicial Oath 

Lord Sumption - Law By Decree

Dr Robert Hanson - Law  Destroyed  

Dr Robert Hanson - Governments Kill

The Devastating Charge Sheet Against Pfizer - so why were experienced Medical Doctors making these points silenced and mocked by the media and the British Government? 

Employers liable for vaccine injuries acquired due to vaccine mandates 

Vaccine mandates unlawful rules Supreme Court 

HK sociatlite sentenced to 160 community service for not wearing mask and not following lockdown laws - the law

HK rioters sentences in line with UK sentencing laws  

Dr Craig - exposing with logic and medical expertise - why covid 'vaccines' do not work, lockdowns do not work, masks do not work, testing is unreliable - and why and how the media and political Drs lied to the population using psychological techniques and the physical force of law 

Esther McVey MP speaking in Parliament:  MPs. media. employers, Drs, Big Pharma all conspired to break UK law by stating the mRNA 'vaccine' was safe. Safe means 'free from harm and risk of any kind'  They all lied - why are they not facing criminal charges? 

Mama Mia actress sufferes massive stroke caused by the 'safe and effective' Astra Zenica covid 'vaccine' 

United Nations One World Government Pandemic Treaty and Amendments to the International Health Regulations 

Congratulations to Slovakia for NOT signing the WHO global pandemic treaty 

Tennis boss sacked for refusing experimental covid vaccination wins substantial payout in London 

Tennis executive wins payout for unfair dismissal over her refusal to take the experimenal covid vaccination

Legal claims launched against Astra Zenica following increasing numbers of blood clots from their 'covid vaccine' But what about the Drs and government advisors who knew of the problems - conspiracy to defraud the British taxpayer? 

Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board (Supreme Court) Forget suing the government for lying about covid 'vaccines' being safe and effective - time to sue the Drs who injected people and failed to explain the risks.  Drs are the last line of public protection - if they get away with this (and they made huge money from injecting people) - you should never trust a Dr again

Dr Drew Pinsky M.D. It is now time for institutions/employers who mandated the covid 'vaccine' to face legal action

Dr John Campbell - 'Vaccination' problems UK parliament

Dr John Campbell - Nuremberg Code 

Dr John Campbell - 4,000,000 reported adverse reactions to covid 19 'vaccine' and the UN and your government is still telling you it is safe!  And the UN/EU/WEF want to introduce a global 'vaccine' pass!!! 

How Novak Djokovic stuck it to the two countries who locked him out - integrity v the pathetic weak willed - integrity wins as 'vaccinated' players half Djokovic's age crumble

Sir Tony Blair, PM, Barrister - making the case in parliament to 'legally' invade Iraq - stating 'it is the decent and right thing to do -  your choice'

John Lennon: 'Our society (and the  law) is run by insane people  for  insane objectives ' 

David Icke asks 'Do you seriously think elected leaders make  laws?'

Lord Sumption 'We have the kind of laws that public spirited people may need to break'

Prince Charles avoids over £20,000,000 tax – made King – 'not greed'. Law protects royal capital from being 'salami-sliced away' through tax. Everyone else must lose 40% of their capital, pay care home costs (after paying NI for 40 years) or go to jail. ‘It’s the law’

Plumber jailed for avoiding £50,000 tax  – Judge calls him 'immoral' for offering poor people discounts and avoiding paying tax to fund wars based on blatent lies by billionaire barrister Blair.

David Icke - an alternative view of law - and one growing in popularity as every part of the traditional legal system is rapidly failing

Sudden surpluss of deaths following covid vaccine? Video of  claims made by 'experts' and lawmakers  and actual data: vaccinated v unvaccinated

UK's Chancellor Jeremy Hunt wants to force  vaccinate and place people in isolation hotels - Hunt admires the Chinese approach

How much in damages should those forcing lockdowns and vaccines pay to those suffering ill health and financial loss?

Risk of dying from covid was always remote

Anti covid lockdown protests spread across the globe

Even the BBC reporting protests against lockdowns - but selectively of course - what is the BBC's real agenda? 

UK tax laws keep people poor and dependent - you will own nothing! 

Medics and Law in Conflict

Dr John Campbell - G20 leaders global vaccine pass 

New Zealand covid vaccine injuries and deaths - NZ PM grins at compulsion 

UK MP and Australian MP speaking in respective parliaments - more reported deaths from 'experimental covid vaccines' than all vaccine related deaths in last 50 years

James Delingpole: Andrew Bridgen - accuses Sunak et al as having guilty minds over covid lockdowns and parties 

NHS 100K - UK medics saying no to mandatory covid 'vaccinations' - medical ethics, choice, safety 

UK Judge sentences man to 6 months in jail for serving mince pies during lockdown - meanwhile former health secretary Matt Hancock who also broke lockdown rewarded with 350k - UK law 

UK PM Sunak fined 50 GBP for attending party during lockdown whilst man serving mince pies in lockdown jailed for 6 months 

UK House of Lords peer makes 29M from her lobbying and promotion of covid - legal of course - unlike selling mince pies! UK law looking more foolish by the seocnd. 

Dr John Campbell - excess deaths and heart problems following covid 'vaccines' UK and EU Parliament discuss 

Re 'vaccine' exemption certificates - High Court Judge ruling overturned immediately by government 

Pfizer admits it never tested if the covid 'vaccine' would stop transmission

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

Dr Devra Davis: The truth about mobile phones and wireless radiation

LED ligting is harming humans and nature - law makers knew this before legislating - they ignored laws to protect against this harm - and lied to the public - with media backing - again!

Dr Chris Whitty - How serious is covid?

NHS 100k: Choice and duty of care  

Hong Kong:  3 covid vaccines compulsory for teachers and school children if they are to attend school classes

Children 5yrs old to require covid vaccine to enter public spaces

Hong Kong Health Authority in response to children in intensive care following covid vaccine states - 'covid vaccines not the cause - they are safe and effective' 

Two does of Pfizer covid vaccine =  'Ten  times more likely to suffer heart problems - no big deal say 'experts' 

Another fully vaccinated fully compliant government official tests positive for covid

4 covid 'vaccines', mask wearing official tests positive  for covid

Lord Sumption: 'UK covid lockdowns, mandates, unjustified fearmongering and dubious science - a disaster not to be repeated'

Dr Clare Craig -What are we testing for?

Fully covid vaccinated v unvaccinated -  death and hospitisation rates compared 

Nurse collapses after authentic covid vaccination.

Judicial Review of mandatory 'vaccines'

Dr Clare Craig - Unethical to mandate 

Dr Kate Goodman - Mandatory is wrong 

Dr Fui Mee Quek -  Coercion unethical 

Dr Steve James - Risk,  safety data lacking 

Dr Kate Goodman - Asymptomatic no risk

Dr Fauci - Asymptomatic not a problem 

Dr John Campbell - Natural immunity  -  more effective than any vaccine

Planet Lockdown: Medical Drs and Virologists 

Media and covid advisors conflicts of interest 

Media, celebrities and other entities promoting covid vaccines without warning of harmful effects should face criminal prosecution? 

Fully 'vaccinated' Financial Secretary tests positive for covid. 

Financial Secretary denies special treatment afer testing positive for covid

Governments decision to amend the law rather than appeal is an example of HK's rule of law in action - High Court Judge Coleman

UK Universites impose covid 'vaccine' mandate on trainee nurses

Singapore passes law against harmful content

'Not enough kids are vaccinated against covid' Government official

UK Parliament covid 'vaccine' debate

Pfizer blanked out evidence 

The solidarity argument for mandatory vaccination turned out to be false 

Hong Kong CE tests positive for covid

China records highest number of covid cases since 2020

Hong Kong records more cases and more deaths from covid - more than 2020

Ex Cathay Pacific staff jailed for breaching covid lockdown rules 

Nurse jailed for issuing fake vaccine records 

UN launches $51.5B USD emergency fund

Protests in HK to commemorating mainlanders killed in lockdown fire may breach NSL 

PM Sunak conflicts of interest between family firm and his premiership? Did Sunak abuse his position lobbying for tech firms such as his family firm Infosys (which receives millions of tax payer money) to avoid windfall tax which would have raised more income than a windfall tax on energy? 

New Zealand Blood transfusion ruling - did it really put the baby's interest first? 

Dr John Campbell: vaccine withdrawal history

Dr John Campbell: Excess deaths after covid 'vaccines'

Dr John Campbell: Excess deaths re-examined - the elephant in the room ignored by main stream media, lawyers and politicians

Covid to be treated in same way as flu  and colds 

The UK does not have free speech or debate - Dr John Campbell and the 77th Brigade

Safe and effective - a second opinion

20 fold increase in covid mRNA 'vaccination claims' as vaccine injuries rapidly increase

Should Matt Hancock et al face criminal charges of false imprisonment?

BBC presenter killed by Astra Zenica mRNA injection - but the BBC still keeps pushing the UN/WEF narrative

Young women 3.5 times higher risk of death from heart issues after Astra Zenica 'vaccine' - is this one of the reasons why it was quietly withdrawn?

20 fold increase in 'vaccine' injuries - lawyers use Consumer Protection Act 1987 to sue manufacturers

Vaccine Damage, Sir Christopher Chope

UK Government,Lib/Lab/Con/ Green one party state in bed with a puppet UK media told  lies  to force 'vaccinate' people with an mRNA injection that has killed and crippled many UK citizens - the UK Orwellian state - the evidence

Dr John Campbell - evidence of how the mRNA injection will cause blood clots

BBC exposed for the misinformers and liars they are - their reaction - just like the UN WHO when asked a question - 'let's move on from that'

Class Action against Australian Government re  covid 'vaccination' injuries

UK Government exaggerated covid deaths, lied about covid 'vaccine' safety and lockdown effectiveness, and censored anyone daring to expose the truth

Dr John Campbell - international excess deaths after covid 'vaccination'

Dr John Campbell - Counter Disinformation Unit - how UK governmnet manipulates a gullible public using Orwellian techniques - cheered on by Starmer - 'person' of the WEF/UN gang

Dr John Campbell - UN WHO and EU Global digital health certification network - Icke was right - this is a One World Government operation

David Icke: We save the planet by destroying it

Apple tells staff to remain silent on French Government's concern over high radiation levels from apple phones - same language used by all liars 'we don't have anything to share - our product has been through rigorous tests' 

London Mayor tells people to reduce CO2 emissions - then uses tax money to travel 430,000 miles - you are paying for his luxury travel - his hypcocrisy stinks 





Celebrity Covid 'vaccine' injuries 

Pat Cash - Drs have blood on their hands 

Matt Le Tissier - covid vaccines killing/ injuring professional atheletes 

Eric Clapton - Injured by covid 'vax' - No Informed Consent 

Novak Djokovic - Integrity and rationality more important than money and titles 

Does the flu jab actually spread flu for 28 days after receiving it? (start at 27 minutes into the broadcast) 

Sir Christopher Chope MP speaking in UK parliament on how the UN WHO knowingly caused harm in order to grab control of every country's health policy through forced 'vaccination' and how Gates will benefit from this - while knowingly harming people and destroying economies 

Philip Davies MP - UK Parliament - UN WHO dictators knowingly harming people through global laws to control every country, every organsiation - to force 'vaccinate' the world with killer 'vaccines'

Andrew Bridgen MP - UK Parliament - exposing the corruption, lies and funding of the UN WHO - and how the UN WHO is trying to control every country through medical lies which benefit Gates and his mates



UN Workers Rape and abuse the very people they are supposed to be protecting - UN's reputation and credibility at stake in all its areas Global Warming (UNIPCC), health (UNWHO)? .... Is the UN another BBC - Jimmy Savile? 

UN Workers who want to save the planet and vaccinate the world have Raped over 60,000 people - and counting 

Oxford councillors call in police after receiving 'abuse' from residents over plans to divide Oxford into 6 climate zones and criminalise offenders

400 private jets arrive at climate summit to demand laws to reduce carbon dioxide emissions!  

Dr Robert Hanson - why the British Government cannot be trusted - and how EPC's will be used to take away your home

Smart meters can be legally turned off remotely -  leaving people without electricity - Big Brother controls the inside of your home remotely

Mobile phone SIM cards for pay as you go to be registered with purcher's details

China expands Coal, Oil and now Gas imports keeping energy costs for its citizens low and giving China industry a huge cost advantage - as UK citizens freeze - solar panels don't work in Winter - well done the UK Green/ Lib/Lab/Con party taking orders from UN/WEF

UK MP's earn millions from talks and consultancy work

MP thrown out of Conservative Party for criticising deaths and injury caused by covid 'vaccines'

WEF Davos: Prostitutes in high demand - get a hold on law makers and you control the law

UN Employees rape young women they are supposed to be protecting 

Blair promotes vaccines and digitalisation at Davos 

Who the UN really serves 

Andrew Bridgen MP - 'vaccine injuries, free speech, ease of hacking data'

All online data can be hacked and used to steal your assets and/or compromise your integrity - only fools believe the phrase 'your data is safe and protected by data protection law' The only way to protect your data and privacy is not to give it away

Hacked data of influential people appears on HK data bases seized by HK police

Royal Mail hacked - and yet the British Government/ WEF/ UN/Banks et al want everything on line!

UK data collection - who is it being collected for?

Why you should be concerned about data collection - no law can protect your data - so don't give it away

Royal mail hacked - hackers demand $80M - 'on line' is not safe

Gary Mckinnon - easily hacked US military data bases - do you seriously think your on line banking is safe?

Tony Benn - law politics and the media - speech to the NUJ

Tony Benn - Law and democracy

12 year old girl giving Judges, PM Sunak, Starmer, Khan and their UN/WEF pals a lesson in law and politics in just 3 minutes

Ignorant British Judge praises criminal activity becuase it accords with his personal beliefs on fake science  used to benefit the 'greedy people' and control others - rule of law?  Mr Gates and his mob at the UN/WEF will be pleased

British Government changes rules to allow big brother to collect more personal data and exert more control - Mr Gates will be pleased

British newspaper calls for Matt Hancock to be arrested for 'wilful misconduct in public office' Should other MPs and advisors also be arrested?

Global warming enforcer PM Sunak spends 500,000 GBP on private jets in just 2 weeks - whilst victims of the policy he enforces, on behalf of the UN/WEF, cannot afford to heat their homes 

GB News - another gatekeeper hailing the 'vaccine' rollout as a success and demonising anyone that dare speak otherwise - without giving them a right of reply

Mr Khan - ULEZ cameras attacked - direct action where law fails - Khan thinks the gas of life is a pollutant!

Smart motorways responsible for deaths finally scrapped: SMART = stupid

Hong Kong has more freedom of speech than the UK

Satirical comic strip suspended

Patients who regret Lasik - laser eye surgery

Macular degeneration of the eye 1.5 times higher than a decade ago when LED lights and screens were imposed to 'save the planet'

Cathay Pacific Airlines sack 3 staff for discriminatory behaviour

The lying media - BBC employed Sir Jimmy Savile for over 40 years!

Keir Starmer - absolute pratt, servant of the UN/WEF, repeater of lies - employs  thugs to attack a landlord in his own pub!

When Sir Kier Starmer given real facts about covid - he ignores them, repeats lies and uses a thug to physically assault the provider of facts - facts the BBC (the media organisation that employed Sir Jimmy Savile for 40 years) also ignore

Labour's Lord Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein

UK Government  - advocates of free speech and democracy - removed accurate and lawful information from social media exposing government lies

UK grocery tax to increase food prices even further - Gove and the greens

Another company hacked and yet your government, bank etc keep telling you on-line is safe - and you believe it!

Rowan Atkinson on electric cars

Rowan Atkinson - free speech

Gates Foundation donated over $3m to the Guardian newspaper between 2020 and 2023

Nobel Prize Winner for physics - 'There is NO climate emergency'  

Sir Tony Bliar - the creature how lied about WMDs which resulted in 1.5 Muslims being murdered - is given 82M USD to set up a vaccination data base in Africa

David Icke speaking in 1994:  'The business of a journalist (and PR in firms) is to destroy truth - they are intellectual prostitutes'.

Hong Kong Cyberport - data hacked - so much for 'on-line' being safe and your data being protected by law 

Are world leaders, heads of media, corporations and NGOs chosen for their past crimes - making them puppets owned and controlled by the evil UN/WEF? 

Note how the BBC reports protests by a mere 4 people - because the protesters are promoting what the BBC wants promoting (and thus the BBC aims to incite and encourage other protests it approves of) - but the BBC ignores the protests by 100, 000 medics in London against compulsory covid mRNA injections (that did actually kill and injure thousands of people)  - what do you expect from main stream media? BBC employed pedophiles for over 40 years and cancels and attacks anyone disagreeing with the evil it promotes!

UK energy bill to jail people for not having smart appliances in their homes

Cyber atacks on the increase - governments can condemn all the they want but they will never stop them - only way to stop them is - stop using on-line - get back to cash and and paper


Twin Towers revisited - the justification for extending the reach of big brother 


Fred Dibnah - how towers fall 


The UK energy bill discussed - the power to kick you out of your home - how  net zero will result in you owning nothing and you will be happy - who will own resources Mr Gates and your mates? 


Democracy and Rule of Law - forget it!  Global Governance Is Almost Here


Temperature drives CO2. CO2 does not and has never driven temperature.  CO2 and sunlight through photosynthesis increase green and food - so why do the UN/WEF lie? CONTROL! 

United Nations seeks to control all internet content - in the name of free speech

Buying your way out of crime: Bill Gates and his 'business associates' pay $365M to Jeffrey Epstein's victims.   (Gates was close friends with Epstein for over a decade. Gates has a private jet and is concerned about global warming! - he  'influences' media, politicians and corportaions to force their people to be injected with unsafe vaccines).  Epstein has convicitons for child trafficing - supplying them to people of infleunce  promoting global warming and 'vaccines' to their dumbed down populations and employees) 

LED lights damage health and the environment 

Gates and his mates control media reporting on climate and vaccines through funding of proxy wars - all unelected and yet determine global policy, control and resources - EVIL - so why do these close friends of pedophile Epstein take private jets and invest in property next to the sea? 

Green Groups, politicians and judges want flooding so they can claim the flooding is due to 'climate change' - man jailed for dredging a river to stop flooding!  Meanwhile Drs and politicians who tell lies about WMDs and 'safe' covid vaccines that have killed and crippled receive walk free and take millions of tax payers money

HKU data hacked

Seriously Satire 

George Carlin: 'It's a big club and you ain't in it'

Kitty Jo - Here we go Again

JP - Mandatory Life Jacket 

JP - 2 Mandatory Life Jackets 

JP - Legal Narrative is Crumbling 

JP - Advice for Authoritarians

Russell Brand: Bill Gates' educational funding buys media, WHO, vaccine and AGW influence - this is not about charity - it is about control 

Russell Brand - The WEF does control the world

Russell Brand making fun of puppet leaders taking private jets to lecture people on reducing CO2

Russell Brand - selective science




We all bargain in the shadow of the law’  (Professor Robert Mnookin)

Laws should serve the people. People should not be made to serve the law’      (Huey P. Newton)

Silk Road Chambers Limited helps you avoid or solve problems with a legal/lawful element - we help you make problems disappear.

In recent years many laws in many countries have become increasingly intrusive and have changed from 'innocent until proven guilty' to 'guilty until proven innocent'.

International laws, determined by billionaire globalists funding and promoting NGO lobbyists, UN institutions such as UNWHO, UNIPCC, UNWMO, OECD, WEF, chambers of commerce and media are then enforced through national governments – often without open discussion or a referendum, not appearing in any manifesto, no debate and increasingly any opposition silenced or imprisoned. These laws benefit the globalist elites and facilitate taking your wealth and giving it to them.

Whose wealth and control increased from laws enforcing covid lockdowns and mandatory 'vaccines'? wars? taxes? false flag terror attacks (see Peter Power interview after 7/7 London bombings)? EPC ratings? These laws remove personal freedoms, steal your life by making you jump through hoops even to withdraw your own money from a bank, purchase or rent a property.

Globalist laws are resulting in criminals walking free, being knighted and becoming billionaires whilst British Post Office workers have been wrongly imprisoned, and workers and children forcibly injected with experimental 'vaccines' so unsafe the makers have zero liability for the very real serious injuries they have caused.  The legal system – lawyers and Judges all failed and continue to fail the people and free enterprise as they continue to apply globalist laws pushed by globalsits such as Jeffrey Epstein and his surviving associates - think carbon trading taxing people and transferring wealth to the elites who own multiple seaside properties and private jets (Orwellian double think in full view). 

Individuals and businesses are having assets confiscated on a mere suspicion whilst governments take taxes from their populations and give them to globalists under false representations (WMDs, 'safe and effective', 'global problems require global solutions', net zero).  As Klaus Schwab and his private jet owning globalists at the WEF have made clear 'you will own nothing and you will be happy' –  legal systems in seccumbing to these globalists have allowed themselves to bccome broken.  Public confidence in the media (look at the media organsiations funded by globalist Bill Gates and Pfizer), politicians, law and lawyers has been eroded - lawyers are now required to report to authority their paying clients if the lawyer suspects certain crimes - and not even inform his paying client of his treachery!  (tipping off)

Silk Road Chambers Limited believes law has taken too many wrong turns and no longer serves people and independent business. This is why we are genuinely on your side. We have over 20 years experience in the legal field and alternative dispute resolution and can explain to you what is involved and the implications of anything you do or say before you do or say something. We then try to get you out of the legal process or guide you through the whole process from start to end. In this upside world our service is invaluable.

We do not provide direct legal services ourselves. However, the barristers and solicitors we have worked with from across the globe have represented: Jose Mourinho, Ian Botham, David Beckham, James Dyson, Bank of England, Rolls Royce, Boris Becker, J K Rowling, football clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea Football Club, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, as well as numerous individual players and management.

'Throughout the web of the English Criminal Law one golden thread is always to be seen that it is the duty of the prosecution to prove the prisoner's guilt'   (Lord Sankey, Woolmington v DPP [1935] AC 462 House of Lords).

I know of only one authority which might justify the suggested method of construction. "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things." "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be the master, that's all." (Lord Atkin, Liversidge v Anderson [1942] AC 206 House of Lords).

"Our objective at trial is not the ultimate truth but an opinion in our favour" (The Golden Rules of Advocacy, Keith Evans) 

'Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively, it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side. Slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward' (Joseph Goebbles)