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Law Talks/Interviews/Articles

Mark Warby QC - Press Regulation

Lord Neuberger - Judicial independence/Oath 

Lord Sumption - Law By Decree

Dr Robert Hanson - Law Being Destroyed  

Dr Robert Hanson - Big Government Kills 


Medics and Law in Conflict 

Dr Chris Whitty - How serious is covid?

Fully covid vaccinated v unvaccinated -  deaths and hospitisation rates compared 

Nurse Collapses after authentic covid vax 

Neuro Disease after covid vaccination

Judicial Review of Mandatory 'vaccines'

Dr Clare Craig - Coercive to mandate 

Dr Kate Goodman - Mandatory = Unethical  

Dr Fui Mee Quek - Encourgment is Coercion 

Dr Steve James - Risk and Lack of Safety Data

Dr Kate Goodman - Asymptomatic no risk

Dr Fauci - Asymptomatic not a problem 

Dr John Campbell - Natural Immunity hugely better than any vaccine - the data - vaccinated 7 times worse off

NHS 100K  - Choice and Duty of  Care 

Planet Lockdown: Medical Drs and Virologists 

Media and covid advisors conflicts of interest


Celebrity Covid 'vaccine' injuries 

Pat Cash - Drs have blood on their hands 

Matt Le Tissier - covid vaccines killing/ injuring professional atheletes 

Eric Clapton - Injured by covid 'vax' - No Informed Consent 

Novak Djokovic - Integrity and rationality more important than money and titles 


Seriously Satire 

Kitty Jo - Here we go Again

Mandatory Life Jacket 

2 Mandatory Life Jackets 

Legal Narrative is Crumbling 

Advice for Authoritarians 

Bill Gates: Media, Vaccine, WHO and Educational funding - money buys influence - this is not charity - it is control 

The WEF does control the world - evidence 




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