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Arbitration and Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution is often defined as resolving civil and commercial legal disputes without going to court. Arbitration, negotiation, and mediation are three common forms of ADR. These three forms of alternative dispute resolution can have a number of advantages over taking a dispute to court. Advantages can include privacy, flexibility, speed and sometimes, but not always, lower costs.

Silk Road Chambers Limited connects individuals and organisations to some of the finest mediators, arbitrators and negotiators practising at the Bar of England & Wales. They are all highly skilled and come with many years of experience of mediating and arbitrating in many countries. They are available to mediate, arbitrate or negotiate in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific region as a whole, as well as in England & Wales, the USA, and across Europe.

However, the best form of dispute resolution is to create, as far as possible, a legal environment in which legal disputes are avoided or minimised. These barristers can help explain how organisations can develop and maintain systems and policies that are dispute averse. Robust legal systems and polices are often linked to better company internal and external relationships which in turn can help a company penetrate overseas markets and grow profits, or in the case of governments help them present to the public a particular policy in the most effective manner.

The barristers can also help individuals and organisations interpret contracts and explain the implications of each contract clause before a contract is signed and, where necessary, help negotiate or redraft contract terms.  For further details, please contact admin@silkroadchamberslimited.com.